Marc Jacobs “Bag on Bags”

Marc Jacobs - Mesh Lace Robert Bag On Bags
Mesh Lace Robert Bag On Bags
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Marc Jacobs - Serafima
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Marc Jacobs - Bag-on-Bag Leather - Sequin Robert Tote
Sequin Robert Tote
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“Bag on Bags” would probably be one of the rules of this season. After launching Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag, Marc Jacobs seems to develop a similar idea on his new collection. I read through websites, blogs and forum and found many people’s negative opinions towards these bags. Well…“Mesh Lace Robert Bag On Bags” looks really weird and ugly. I would love to see the tote and the clutch as two pieces but not together. Otherwise, I think this idea is kind of different. What do you think?

[image source: marc jacobs]

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