The Shopping Site that you should never miss!

About two months ago, my friend told me about a private, invitation-only site called, Ideeli. After entering the site with the special invitation code, you know what I saw? Tons of authentic handbags and luxury items are selling at clearance price for a limited time. Some are even up to 90% off! Amazing? It is now your turn to go to this “discount world”. Click Here to visit this fabulous site and enter the secret code “hbb1” which is exclusively for Handbaggers readers. After a simple and FREE registration process, you will be able to enter the every week’s giveaway of Designer Handbags, like Prada, Chloe, YSL…etc. You can also buy other luxury brands at more than 60% discount. Attractive enough?! You are already invited! So take this advantage and come join us at Ideeli before the invitation code expires on 9/15/2008 (Mon).

2 thoughts on “The Shopping Site that you should never miss!

  1. Roxy

    Hey have you guys checked out It’s a similar idea, but you don’t have to be invited, just go in and sign up! will say I’m a little addicted (but how can I pass up my favorite brands and discounted prices!?!) …and they’re now launching children’s clothing! I’m in love!

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